Dear Mentor:

Can I apply for the GRE?

I wanted to know whether KUK MCA is approved by AICTE? If yes, can we apply for GRE?

Qualifications for GRE, India

Dear Qualifications for GRE:

We strongly encourage you and others to spell out the abbreviations when you write to us. Abbreviations vary within an individual state, let alone across countries. In this instance, luckily we do understand two abbreviation- MCA (Mater of Computer Applications) and GRE (Graduate Record exam - a standardized entrance exam) - that are sufficient for us to answer your question adequately.

The GRE is conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Service), a private company. ETS has absolutely nothing to do with the actual admission process. It simply conducts the GRE and communicates your GRE score to specific colleges, per your advice. As such, your academic qualifications are of no interest to ETS. So long as you pay the fee and follow the stipulated process, you can take the GRE.

On the other hand, as a candidate for the GRE, you should make sure that you have adequate qualifications for your planned course of studies, for which you are taking the GRE. Whether you have qualifications to pursue a particular program of studies in a particular country, we can not comment since we do not have enough information.

You can obtain further information on GRE, and Entrance Exams in general, in the iMahal Education section.

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