Dear Mentor:

For an MS in IT, which colleges, and what GRE?

Can you tell me the names of the colleges & universities in the USA which offer MS in Information Technology and the GRE scores required to get admission in these colleges? I am a BE [Bachelor of Engineering] in Computer Engineering. So can I get into MS in Information Technology?

GRE for IT, Mumbai, India

Dear GRE for IT:

The MS programs related to information technology in the US are those in computer engineering and computer science. The iMahal Education section offers a List of Computer Science Colleges & Universities in the US and the List of Engineering Colleges & Universities in the US.

Assuming that your BE program is of 4 year duration, you are eligible for admission to an MS program in the US. Of course, you would also have to meet other admissions criteria, which include: the GRE (Graduate Record Exam - a standardized entrance exam), letters of recommendations, statement of purpose, and so on. You would have to research each school of interest for specific requirements, since the requirements vary across schools. You can visit each school's website where you can find the details, including the application form.

The iMahal Education section includes a College Rankings component. Some of the sources included in the College Rankings section provide information on the GRE scores. You can certainly research these sources. However, a more relevant question for you is this: Which colleges can I get into given my performance on the GRE? iMahal can help you here too. The iMahal College Finder can identify colleges that, based on your GRE scores and personal needs, are likely to be extremely competitive, reasonably competitive and moderately competitive.

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