Dear Mentor:

I have money; where is an easy university?

I am interested in any university that will give me admission without any test. I am financially okay.

Anywhere Easy, Location Unknown

Dear Anywhere Easy:

It seems we can not emphasize often and enough the need to take a moment - pause, think, and articulate - before pressing the "send" button when submitting a question to Dear Mentor. We haven't the faintest idea what kind of degree - program and level - you want to pursue, and what country is of interest to you for your education. So the best we can do for you is suggest that you visit the iMahal Education section.

By the way, most colleges and universities of any meaningful reputation require entrance exam(s). Your disregard for entrance exams indicates that you do not want to study, or at least not study hard, to gain admission. We are not sure how committed you would be to studying if and when you do in fact get admitted into a program.

We strongly encourage you to rethink your position. You would not lose anything - except for some leisure time - by preparing for entrance exams, and you might in fact learn something of value.

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