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What are my college and career options in the US?

I have done Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and AMIE from The Institutions of Engineers (India) which is regarded as equivalent to Graduate degree (B.E.) in India. Am I eligible to do MS in USA or work in USA as a Graduate Engineer?

Study or Work in US, New Delhi, India

Dear Study or Work in US:

Just a comment on the terminology: The Bachelor's degree in the US is called the undergraduate degree, and the Master's and PhD degrees are called graduate degrees.

The eligibility for admission into an MS (Master of Science) degree program - the term MS being widely used in the US for programs other than MA (Master of Arts), including Engineering - is based on a 4-year college education leading to the US equivalent of a Bachelor's degree. It is the "equivalent" part that would give you some hope, but it is likely that you do not have a 4-year college education. Having said this, the other essential part of getting admitted is your academic performance. Without knowing your personal circumstances, the chances are that you went into a diploma program because you could not get into a degree program in engineering in India due to your academic performance. Should this be the case, you would face similar challenges - challenges related to your academic performance - in the US as well. So, are you eligible for an MS program in the US? Perhaps! Would it be challenging to get admitted? Yes!

You would face similar issues with employment in the US. The highly-skilled category of temporary foreign workers in the US qualify under the H1-B visa provision. The requirement for H1-B visa is also at least a 4-year college education leading to a Bachelor's degree or equivalent. We are not immigration lawyers, but it is our understanding that you are likely to fall short of the H1-B requirements as well. By the way, you can not apply for H1-B visa yourself; your prospective employer would have to file a petition on your behalf with the US INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service). In other words, you need to secure an employment offer from a US employer first, and the employer must be willing to sponsor you for the H1-B visa.

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