Dear Mentor:

If I transfer to a US college, can I get aid?

I am currently an international university student in Canada (incoming 3rd year). I'm planning to transfer to another university in the US soon and I'd like to ask if there's any way I could ask for financial support. Please reply ASAP [as soon as possible]. Thank you.

USA-Bound for Studies, Canada

Dear USA-Bound for Studies:

You can always ask for financial assistance, but barring exceptional circumstances, your chances of getting financial assistance as an international student for undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) studies are slim. Unlike Canada however, as an international student in the US, you would be allowed to work part-time on campus for up to 20 hours per week without obtaining permission for employment from the US immigration authorities. Since most of these jobs offer rates very close to the minimum wage, you are not likely to earn substantial sums through this avenue.

We do not know your personal circumstances, nor do we know your reasons for studying in the US. As you know, the cost of education in the US is significantly higher than it is in Canada. While the cost is much lower in Canada, the quality of education is quite good. You may want to consider finishing your undergraduate degree in Canada and then moving to the US for graduate studies. The reason is quite simple: financial assistance to international students for graduate studies in the US is much more readily available.

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