Dear Mentor:

What are the medical schools in Detroit, Michigan?

I would like you to furnish me with details about whether there are any Medical Colleges (Both Private & Govt.) in Detroit in the USA. I would also like to know where Detroit is situated in the USA.

Michigan Medicine, Srinagar, Kashmir, India

Dear Michigan Medicine:

Detroit is a large city in Michigan, one of the 50 states in the United States of America. Detroit borders the city of Windsor in Ontario, Canada. It is also the automobile capital of the world. General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and DaimlerChrysler have their US headquarters in Detroit. The state of Michigan is located in the US Midwest. If you look at the map of the USA, you would find that Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes and by the adjacent states: Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Map to Detroit, Michigan

The iMahal Education Section contains the List of Medical Schools in the US. This list of colleges can be viewed both alphabetically or by state. The List of US Medical Schools by State contains the Medical Schools in Michigan.

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