Dear Mentor:

How early should I take the exam?

If I want to go in August 2002, what is the latest date I will have to appear for the exam?

Incomplete Inquiry, Location Unknown

Dear Incomplete Inquiry:

Here is an example of many inquiries we get that are incomplete. We can address some of these by making informed assumptions, but others can simply be ignored since we can not make any sense. We try very hard, but mind-reading goes only so far for us, we are sorry to say. We would encourage all those writing to us to include relevant information and details.

We are assuming that: 1) you want to go to the US for further studies but we can not guess the program, and 2) you are referring to one of the many standardized entrance exams.

You should take the required standardized exam(s) prior to submitting your application to the school. Knowing the score on entrance exam(s) will give you a better idea of your chances of being admitted to the target school. The admission process for the fall 2002 session would begin in the September-October 2001 timeframe. The admission process would end in the May-June 2002 timeframe, by which time all candidates would be informed of the decisions. By submitting your application early, you would hear back from the school sooner regarding its decision. We would encourage you to apply by December 2001.

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