Dear Mentor:

Besides GRE and TOEFL, what is needed for MS admissions?

If I need to do my Master's after my 3-year degree program, do I need to do any courses in US along with the GRE and TOEFL exams?

Pre-MS for MS?, Houston, Texas, USA

Dear Pre-MS for MS?:

As a rule of thumb, schools in the US require a 4-year undergraduate (Bachelor's degree) program for entry to the MS program. However, there are variations on the theme. It depends on the program of study and the school. We note that you are currently residing in the US. We would recommend that you contact the prospective school of interest to get more precise requirements. The target school would be best positioned to advise you regarding which additional courses you should take prior to enrolling formally in the MS program. Some schools may waive the 4th year college requirements based on your work experience.

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