Dear Mentor:

What should I do to work in a foreign country?

I have completed my higher studies and now I am studying e-commerce at CSC Computer Center at Marthandam. I am interested to work in foreign countries.

Anywhere but India, India

Dear Anywhere but India:

We suppose that you are asking how you can go to a "foreign country" for work. As you know, there are many foreign countries. Also, we do not know what kind of work you want to do in which foreign country.

Despite the buzz about globalization, all countries stridently restrict the flow of foreign workers to protect employment for their citizens and legal residents. There are severe restrictions on who can be brought in as a temporary worker and how many temporary workers can be brought into the country every year. For example, the H1-B visa for foreign workers in the US requires that the workers be highly skilled -- at least a bachelor's degree -- and the number of visas is restricted to 195,000 per year. The qualification and quota constraints vary from one foreign country to another. They are typically determined by the respective government based on supply and demand for talent in the marketplace.

Having said this, one can not simply apply for a work visa for a foreign country just because one meets the stated requirements. Typically, you would have to be offered a job by an employer in the foreign country and the employer would have to request a visa on your behalf from the immigration authorities of that foreign country.

You would find a job in a foreign country just as you would in India: look for the prospective employers and apply for a position. You can find job listings for other countries in newspapers and magazines. You can also visit the jobsites on the Web, such as those included in the iMahal Careers Section. You can also work with a multi-national corporation in India, which might offer the promise of moving you to a foreign country at some later stage.

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