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Before MS in US, where should I do pre-MS?

I have done a professional course of 3-year duration, so I now have 10+2+3 years of study. I want to an MS. I leanrt that I need to do a Pre-MS program. Can I do that here in India or should I do it at some university in the US? If I have to do this in a university in the USA, please give me a list of all universities that offer Pre-MS program. I want to do my MS in computer science.

Prerequisites for MS in US, India

Dear Prerequisites for MS in US:

We are not sure about what you mean by a "professional course." The basic requirement for MS programs in the US is a 4-year college degree or equivalent. Typically, it translates to a Master's degree from India unless you have done a 4-year engineering degree. Schools in the US do not concern themselves with how many years of education you have; they require a degree and at least 4 years of college/university education from an established academic institution. If your "professional course" is not a bachelor's degree, you are pretty much out of luck. If however, your "professional course" is a bachelor's degree, you can complete your master's in India and then apply for admission to an MS program in the US.

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