Dear Mentor:

How do I pay for my MS?

I have done B.Tech. (civil engineering) and I want to go for an MS from a university preferably in the US or Germany. I can't afford the tuition fee and other expenses and would require scholarship. Please suggest where to apply.

Money for Grad Studies, India

Dear Money for Grad Studies:

You can obtain general information about Financial Aid in the US in the iMahal Education Section. It explains the types of financial aid available to international students, such as: research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and scholarships. The List of Engineering Schools in the US is also included in the iMahal Education Section.

The primary source for financial assistance is your prospective college/university. The school would consider you for financial assistance if you make such a request. You should indicate your desire to be considered for financial aid at the time of applying for admission. Generally, the application form for admission contains this item; it asks you if you want to be considered for financial assistance. Each college has its own financial aid process. You would get this information directly from the prospective school.

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