Dear Mentor:

What are some good colleges?

What are some good local, in country colleges that I could attend if my major were computer engineering? If I were interested in business, what field of business would I consider going into, considering my major listed above?

What If?, Location Unknown

Dear What If?:

We are not sure if this is a real question or a "what if" hypothetical. In any case, we would strongly urge those who are sending inquiries to provide relevant information. For example, the "good local, in country colleges" are hard to tell when we do not know the country in question. In this case, we would encourage you to visit the iMahal Education Section. For each of the four countries - US, UK, India, and Canada - we provide a sections called: List of Colleges and Universities by Discipline. For each discipline, we offer independent sources that rank colleges in each country.

Your question is ambiguous. Do you mean which field of business for employment or which field of business for further education? With a computer engineering degree, you would get employment in computer engineering. Otherwise, we are not sure why you would pursue computer engineering. For business education, such as an MBA, you do not have to concern yourself with a specific field in business at this stage. You can specialize in any field of business, depending on your interests and desires. Business schools do not impose any restrictions on your choice; they in fact do not even require that you specialize at all.

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