Dear Mentor:

Would you find a PhD program for me?

I have completed my M.Sc. in Zoology. Having specialised in molecular biology, I am looking to join a PhD at a lab involved with cell biology research in relation to cancer. I would like to know how to short list these present mode of operation through search engines is unnecessarily tedious!

Too Tedious for Me, Location Unknown

Dear Too Tedious for Me:

While we understand the tedious part, we are a bit amused by the adjective: unnecessarily. You may not have realized yet, but some things in life are unavoidably tedious. And as such, the tedium may be necessarily necessary. Surely, you can't expect someone else - website or individual - to take over the tedium from you so that you can be helped.

In this column, we offer advice and guidance to those who are motivated to work hard to achieve success. All the information we have is posted on iMahal. We do not, nor can we, conduct unique and specific research for individuals, so that they do not have to work for what they want. In general, we only address such questions in this column that would help not only one individual but also a larger audience.

While we can not take away the pain of tedium from you, we can suggest an approach for going through the tedium that would lead to good results. Search engines are a useful too, but they are only one tool. You can also use the iMahal Education Section to find lists of colleges and universities and the iMahal College Finder. Your professors, who have been in the field for years, are also a good source of information. You must have become aware of professional journals during your Mater's studies. Through these journals, you can identify the prominent researchers and associated academic institutions in your area of interest. You can reach alumni of colleges for information as well. We recognize that we may be adding to your tedium by noting various sources of relevant information, but some good things in life just require hard work. Good luck!

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