Dear Mentor:

Where can I find a company to sponsor my H1-B visa?

I am a software professional with 4+ yrs of experience in software development. My expertise is in Visual Basic (VB), ASP, MTS, COM, Oracle SQL Server. I am in Dallas on a spouse visa and am looking for agencies/companies/consultants who can sponsor my H1-B visa. I would really appreciate your help in this matter.

Companies for H1-B, Dallas, USA

Dear Companies for H1-B:

The US does not have companies or agencies that specialize in recruiting people to get them H1-B (temporary work visa for highly skilled workers). Employers can recruit someone via the H1-B process, but only when no US citizen or permanent resident (green card holder) is available to fill the position. Thus the employers do not go out looking for someone who needs an H1-B visa; in fact, it is their least preferred route since it requires additional legal work, and thus additional expenses and time delays.

You would have to find a job just like anyone else would in the US - by directly applying to employers or through agencies. However, in your case, you would have to disclose that you are not authorized to work in the US unless the employer can sponsor you for an H1-B visa. The larger companies have the resources and experience, and thus are better equipped, to handle the H1-B situations. The shortage of talent continues to be in the high-tech sector, for which you have the talent and experience. So we suggest that you target mid-size to large-size technology companies for a job that might lead you to an H1-B visa.

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