Dear Mentor:

Should I work or can I get a masters?

I have finished my B.E (EE). I have written my GRE and the scores are as follows: quantitative-790, analytical-600, and verbal-410. I am confident of getting 250+ in TOEFL. PLEASE suggest me some of the US graduate schools that suit my mark and which offers financial aid this spring. I want to do my MS in Communication. I have a GPA of 3.4/4. I also have a job offer, which I have to join in September. They ask a bond for two years. I am in a confused state whether I can do my MS after two years. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Help!

Job vs Studies, India

Dear Job vs Studies:

You can use the iMahal College Finder to identify colleges that best match your performance and needs. You must keep in mind that getting admission is much easier than obtaining financial assistance. Thus you must strike a balance between your desire to attend a college with good reputation and availability of financial assistance. No one can promise financial assistance to you, no matter what your grades and GRE scores are, other than the prospective college itself. You should use the iMahal College Finder and communicate directly with prospective colleges.

You are too late for starting your MS in the US in the Fall 2001. In fact the admissions cycle for the Fall 2002 academic session will start in September-October 2001 and end approximately April-May 2002. Even if you can get financial aid to do an MS in the US for the Fall 2002 session, you will be well advised to keep yourself occupied productively for another year with further studies or a job.

We can not think of any significant disadvantages of working for 2 years before joining an MS program. We can however think of advantages of working for 2 years, prior to joining an MS program. This would allow you to gain exposure to the work environment, in additional to the exposure you have already had in the academic environment. You would then be better positioned to determine whether you should pursue further education or seek success in your employment.

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