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What specialty should I choose in my MBA?

I have just finished my engineering in computer science. I want to take up MBA in the US. What specialization should I opt for? Can I make a complete career switch by opting for a specialization like finance or marketing or would it be better to stick with Technology Management and MIS? P.S. I'm not comfortable with programming; that's why I don't want to do MS in my subject.

Specialization in MBA, India

Dear Specialization in MBA:

At the time of admission, MBA programs in the US do not expect you to make any choice regarding a specialization. In fact, in most MBA programs you do not have to specialize in any area, unless you are so inclined. Should you choose to specialize, you will have enough time to consider your options after starting the program. Typically, electives for specialization are offered in the second year of your studies. There are no restrictions on the areas of specialization; they do not have to be based on your earlier education or experience. You can specialize in any area you choose.

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