Dear Mentor:

How can I finance an MIS PhD in the US?

I have completed my MBA from Pune University in Computer Management and was working for about 2 years. Now I am interested in pursuing PhD in a US University. I just came to the US last month after my marriage. Can I still get financial Aid pursuing PhD in Management Information System? And how should I go about the entire thing in order to get everything done in time for January? Can you please advise about whom to contact for the financial aid? Thank you very much.

Financial Aid for PhD, USA

Dear Financial Aid for PhD:

The primary source of financial assistance is your prospective school. Financial assistance for education in the US comes in basically three forms: scholarships, assistantships, and loans. Only US citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) are eligible for educational loans, because they are guaranteed by the federal or state governments. With the limited information you have provided, we assume that you are not yet a permanent resident of the US. Thus, you would qualify for scholarships as well as research and teaching assistantships.

You should indicate your desire for consideration for financial assistance in your application for admission. The admissions office would try to match your needs with the funding available. You must also note that the primary source of funding in US universities is research grants. These grants are obtained by professors for specific research projects. Thus, you may wish to communicate directly with professors, who are conducting research in your area of interest, to explore the possibility of securing research assistantship.

You will be well advised to visit the iMahal Education Section to find out about Financial Aid in the US.

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