Dear Mentor:

How do I get a high-paying job fast?

Let me thank you for answering my question "choices 4 Grad studies." I am doing well and have topped in my class till the 4th year of B.Architecture program and hope to achieve similar results in my final year as well. After this degree, I may need to work. The question is: What are the options for me and how can I have an instant start in the profession? How can I identify well-paying employers and should I look for employment?

Want Big Bucks Now, India

Dear Want Big Bucks Now:

Whether you should look for employment is your decision. The decision obviously depends on your ambitions and goals, your options, and your confidence in future success for each of the options. Sooner or later, most of us end up with some form of employment. In our response to your earlier inquiry, we outlined some academic options: After my BS in architecture, what is the best MS degree?

While we all dream of instant success and instant wealth through some magic formula, the reality is that success and wealth come through hard work and over a period of time. True, one needs to be focused, motivated, and dedicated. Chances are that the most rewarding job, at least in financial terms, would be in architecture or related-fields. After all, you are spending 5 years of your life training in architecture. To find high-paying employers, you will have to do your own research. Multiple sources can help you in this regard: your professors, alumni from your school, newspapers, business magazines, and so on. We get the feeling that you want big money and you want it now. We would suggest that you consider maximizing success and wealth over a lifetime, as opposed to here and now.

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