Dear Mentor:

What can you tell me about the best law institute in India?

I have completed my 10+2 high school and am looking forward to take up law. I've heard the best law institute in India is NLSIU, Bangalore. I am pretty worried, as I could not secure any sort of information on the university. I would really like to know as many details possible about the university as I can. Is there an official site of this university? Could you please help me out on this because I really do not have much time? Thank You. I'd be waiting for your reply.

No Time for Future, Hyderabad, India

Dear No Time for Future:

We are a bit amused by your inquiry - you do not have much time to take care of your own future, but you obviously expect someone else to make time to do it for you. Education is not just about obtaining a piece of paper - a diploma or a degree; education is about learning and acting responsibly. Education is about "growing up." We write this weekly column to offer free guidance on success and learning; we write it for those who want to help themselves. While we seriously thought of tossing your inquiry in the garbage, we decided instead to help you out and to let our honest opinions be known. In doing so, we sincerely hope that you will do some honest self-assessment and begin acting like a mature person, as you should at this stage in your life.

One quick search on the web, using the iMahal Web Search produced the answer for you in less than 10 seconds. Yes, National Law School of India University (NLSIU) has an official website where you can obtain the information you require. Even if NLSIU did not have a website, you are old enough to be able to think of contacting the school directly to obtain the necessary information. Your ambition to study something as challenging as law demonstrates some maturity. Good luck in bringing that maturity into other areas of your life.

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