Dear Mentor:

How do I apply for the USMLE and a visa?

I am a fresh MBBS graduate without internship, as my family immigrated to Canada just after the exams. Can you please guide me for I can apply for USMLE here and which kind of visa will I be eligible for the residency?

Doc in Training, Ontario, Canada

Dear Doc in Training:

We have discussed the issue of USMLE several times before in this advice column. You may wish to read: How do I do medical residency in the US? You can do Steps 1 and 2 of the USMLE in Canada. Step 3 must be completed in the US. Since you are in Canada, you can easily visit the US on a visitor's visa for Step 3. To do a residency after completing the USMLE, you must obtain an offer from a hospital. Residency is considered employment, although it is also a required part of your training before you can practice medicine. You would need a temporary work visa to do a residency in the US. Due to the NAFTA agreement between the US and Canada, obtaining such a visa is now a fairly easy and straightforward proposition.

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