Dear Mentor:

How much does it cost for college in the USA?

I'm completing BTech in Computer Engineering next year. I plan to take the GRE this year. Can you tell me of some links which give the total tuition, cost of living and various other expenses incurred per semester in the USA?

Costs for Grad Studies, India

Dear Costs for Grad Studies:

We are not aware of any thorough and authoritative websites that provide such information. We recommend that you go to the websites of individual schools of interest to find the information you need.

Your approach to understanding the cost is a correct one - understanding the total cost of education, as opposed to just the tuition. The iMahal College Finder for the US does offer some of this information. Based on the cost you specify, along with other parameters of personal interest, the iMahal College Finder identifies the colleges that meet your specifications. It can also tell you the likelihood of your admission given your GRE scores, based on historic statistical data.

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