Dear Mentor:

Do I need a sponsor for my MBA?

Dear Sir, I need a Sponsor for my MBA. Please guide me how to proceed. My second request would be for application (hard copy) materials with the necessary information.

Sponsorship for MBA, Location Unknown

Dear Sponsorship for MBA:

We don't understand why you need a sponsor for your MBA. Your question is lacking in necessary details. We are assuming that you wish to go outside of your own country, for which you believe you need a sponsor from someone in the host country. Such is not the case. You need admission and necessary financial resources to obtain the visa for your MBA studies in the host country. The Immigration officials in the host country want to ensure that you have adequate financial means to sustain yourself during your stay for studies. Financial means can be demonstrated in many ways: personal means, financial support from your educational institution, a sponsorship, and so on. In this regard, a sponsorship by a relative that promises financial support during your stay can be a part of the test for financial means for the Immigration officials. Sponsorship however is not required by any means.

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