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Are my qualifications enough for a H1-B US visa?

I have 3 year post-qualification experience and I am working as a software engineer. My qualification is AMIE (equivalent to B.E/B.Tech in India) in Computer Engineering and I have a Associate membership from Institution of Engineers (India). Is my qualification a problem for H1-B visa in US, even if company is willing to sponsor me?

Want My H1-B, India

Dear Want My H1-B:

H1-B for the US is a temporary work visa for foreign workers. An employer must sponsor such prospective employees. The US immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) then makes a determination whether the talent being sponsored is available in the US. If no such talent is available within the US, the INS grants the H1-B visa, subject to the annual quota constraints.

The competition for H1-B visas is fierce, since the quota is limited and the demand from foreign workers far exceeds the supply. So long as the employer is willing and able to demonstrate that your education, knowledge, and experience are required and can not be found in the US, to the satisfaction of the INS authorities, you can obtain a visa. However, we must say that the people on H1-B visa who we have met, tend to be very bright and highly educated. They typically do not have degree-equivalents; they have actual degrees. But if an employer is willing to expend the time and resources on securing you a visa, then go for it. Do keep in mind that sponsorship does not always result in the grant of a visa.

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