Dear Mentor:

How do I finance my MS in the US?

I'm a Mechanical Engineer working as a project Engineer in a MNC for the past two years. Now I have got admission to do my MS in Computer science in a university in US. Since I don't want to disturb my parents, I would like to know how I could get financial aid to continue my higher studies in USA. Looking forward for your valuable advice.

Aid for MS in US, Coimbatore, India

Dear Aid for MS in US:

Congratulations on obtaining admission for an MS in the US! Other than your own money, the primary, and perhaps the only, source of financial support is your university. Grant of financial aid in the US is often part of the admissions process. You should have sought financial assistance when you applied for admission. Please understand: getting admission is far easier than obtaining financial aid. You should seek financial aid from your school immediately, but admission does not guarantee the aid. If the school turns you down, or if you have already been turned down, then you are pretty much out of luck and must manage your finances through personal means.

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