Dear Mentor:

What should I do with my medical degree?

I have finished my MBBS [Bachelorís degree in Medicine in India] from KEM Hospital. After taking GRE, what fields do I have to study? From which universities those prefer Indian candidates?

What to Do?, India

Dear What to Do?:

We are not sure what you are asking. You do not have to study in any field, unless you want to or choose to study. What you want to or choose to study is entirely your decision. You can obviously continue further education and training in medicine. If you wish to do so in the US, the GRE has little usefulness. The relevant exam is the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Examination). You should read our response to an earlier question: How do I do medical residency in the US? for more information on the USMLE process. The GRE is generally required for graduate studies in engineering, computer science, business, humanities, and sciences.

Since you are in India, we are assuming that you are asking which universities in the US, UK, or Canada prefer Indian candidates. The short answer is: None! As a normal practice and the law, universities can not give preferential treatment to candidates from any country, except perhaps for local residents. Local students do have more choices and easier accessibility to financial support than international students do.

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