Dear Mentor:

How can I fund engineering college in Australia?

I want to go to Australia for my engineering education, but I am not that well to do to pursue my education. Please tell me the sources that can help me to fund my education. If you can help me in this regard I would be grateful. Please reply quickly.

Money for Australia, India

Dear Money for Australia:

There are no quick-fix solutions for money. We all have to continually balance our dreams and ambitions with the constraints of our reality. When you canít immediately get what you want, you can plan to work towards it and, hopefully, you can achieve what you want in due course through hard work and dedication.

The primary source of funding is your prospective college. It is much easier to get admitted for studies than to obtain financial aid. Financial aid is virtually not available to foreign students at the undergraduate level. Financial aid is more readily available to foreign students in engineering for graduate studies. Our suggestion would be for you to complete your bachelorís degree in India and then apply for further education in Australia. This way, you would have better luck in obtaining financial aid.

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