Dear Mentor:

Is your school approved by the INS for foreign students?

I am a 16-year old boy and I am interested in studying in the USA. I have just successfully completed my 10th grade from a high school in Karachi. Now I plan to come to the US for the 11th standard studies. Is your school approved by the Immigration & Naturalization Service for accepting foreign students? Thatís why I want your help to get me the INS Form I-20 A-B/ID (Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant F-1 visa). I have already visited the US and UK in 1999-2000. My sister lives in Minnesota. I may live with her, or with any of the so many other relatives who live all over the US and Canada.

North America Bound, Karachi, Pakistan

Dear North America Bound:

First, iMahal is a portal specializing in Education and Careers, and not an academic institution. As a result, we have nothing to do with the US Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS). Second, we offer information and advice for higher education only; that is, our focus is college/university education and not high school education. However, we can offer you some information.

The US has thousands of high schools. You would have to narrow down the list somehow, and one obvious way is to select the place where you want to live. Your local relative can then identify the schools to which you can apply. For example, if you want to live with your sister, then your sister can identify the schools in her neighborhood in Minnesota. Subsequently, you can apply for admission. Upon acceptance, the school would issue all the necessary documents for getting the student visa. The process itself is time consuming, but fairly straightforward. You would have to demonstrate to the INS the means for supporting yourself financially during your stay in the US.

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