Dear Mentor:

After BCom, how do I study computers?

I have completed my first year in B.Com. I have a great interest in computers but I donít have any proper guidance. Can you provide me information about some computer degree courses after my graduation? I am interested in doing MCA [Mater of Computer Applications]. Is it possible for me to join that course?

Something Computers, India

Dear Something Computers:

Doing a computers degree after graduation is quite challenging, if you do not have any background in programming. It is advisable to start acquiring some basic knowledge of computers right now. Students without adequate prior knowledge of computers find MCA quite difficult, since they do not know the fundamentals of programming.

You can try for MCA after graduation if you have mathematics as a subject in your current degree. You would have to take entrance exams of prospective universities.

The requirements for a computer science degree in the US and Canada is a bachelorís degree in any discipline, with at least 4 years of university education. Since most degrees in India are of 3- year duration, and yours is too, it means you would have to complete at least one year of Masterís degree education. Students doing MS in computer science, without a Bachelorís in computer science, are required to complete one additional year of fundamentals of computers, prior to entering the formal MS program. Most schools would also require you to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), a standardized entrance exam.

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