Dear Mentor:

How do I become a writer, teacher, and an IAS officer?

I am an MBA student. I want to expose myself to the outside world as a writer and as a management person for giving training to others. At the same time I want to become an IAS officer, but I am do not have enough finances to fulfill my needs. I can write essays, stories, and poems. I am interested in writing books about management thoughts. Can you tell me what are ways and how can I do this? Kindly suggest me.

Wannado Everything, Madurai, India

Dear Wannado Everything:

Are you sure there are no other career paths you would like to pursue simultaneously? While we said that in jest, there is a degree of truth to it. We hope that you are learning basic management skills in your MBA. Managers are often called upon to make decisions, given competing priorities and budgetary constraints. The process of what to do and in which sequence is quite straightforward: articulate the objectives/issues, identify choices and constraints, evaluate the choices based on some criteria, and develop an action plan for implementing top choice(s).

We are frankly unable to discern your issue. Is it that you want to do too many things, for which you do not have enough finances? Then prioritize and focus. Is it that you want to do so many things that they do not fit into a neat, comfortable package? Then either learn to adapt or narrow down the list. Is it that you don't have an easy path to get published as a writer? Welcome to the real world: it takes a lot of effort and dedication to excel at anything, and writing is no exception. Is it that you wish to do something for which you do not have the requisite knowledge and experience, like becoming a management writer and corporate trainer? Then acquire the requisite knowledge and experience. Yes, we know that all of these paths require making choices and putting in hard work. Success is not hand-delivered: success comes to those who dare to achieve it. To achieve success, hard work is not a choice, it is an imperative.

To become an IAS officer, you need to prepare for the exam and compete with thousands who have a similar ambition. Your knowledge would determine whether you succeed. To become a writer - of essays, stories, and poems - you need to create a portfolio of your work and seek out publishers who would determine whether your work is worth publishing. To become a management writer and corporate trainer, you must acquire the management experience first. In any case, you need to prove to others that you are capable of delivering what you promise. Ambitions are not a sufficient justification. Ambitions merely identify a desired destination. To overcome financial limitations, prioritize.

Last but not least, we wish to add an editorial comment. Please understand that it is not intended to hurt your feelings. The brief note you sent to us lacked a clearly articulated request. It also contained errors in grammar and common English usage. We hope that your submission is not representative of your work as a writer. As a graduate student, you should now hold yourself responsible for making all of your writing correct and clear. It is easy to blast off a poorly-written message in a webpage form or in an email. However, all educated people should set a higher standard for themselves; we should take the time to clean up our messages before we hit the Send button.

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