Dear Mentor:

Do I need 3 years or 4 years for an MS in the US?

I am a of BCA [Bachelor of Computer Applications] final year student from Madras University. Next year I am going to complete my degree. I wish to join MS in the US. So kindly suggest me how to apply. Also it is informed that, the US Universities provide the degree after completing the Bachelor degree of 4 years. In this critical situation I need help and the right decision from your side as my degree will be of only 3 years. Looking forward to get positive result from you soon.

MS in US, Madras, India

Dear MS in US:

Your observation is correct - US universities do require a 4-year college or university education for admission into the MS program. This means that you would have to continue your education in a Master's program in India, before applying for admission to an MS program in the US.

The process of applying is fairly straightforward. You must first identify the colleges you wish to target. You can use the iMahal Education Section for the US and the iMahal College Finder for this purpose. Most colleges have their applications available on the web. The websites also outline the specific admissions process.

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