Dear Mentor:

Can I get an H1-B visa from India?

I have done AMIE in Computer Engineering from Institution of Engineers (India) which is equivalent to B.E in India. I have 4-year pre qualification and 3-year post qualification experience in the Software field. Can I get an H1-B visa from India?

Want US H1B, India

Dear Want US H1B:

The US H1B visa is for temporary foreign workers. The demand for such visas far exceeds the supply. As a result, getting an H1B is extremely difficult. Your prospective employer would have to sponsor you first, and then the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) would review the application. Upon approval - based on the lack of availability of similar talent within the US and availability of quota - the INS would issue the H1B visa. You can not simply go to the US Embassy in India and apply for the H1B visa. You must first obtain a job offer from an employer who is willing to sponsor you. The employer has to do all the government paperwork.

An approach for you might be to work for a multinational company in India. At some stage, the employer may be willing to sponsor you for the H1B visa, should the employer find you particularly talented and suitable for opportunities in the US.

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