Dear Mentor:

Can I get into these engineering graduate schools?

I have a GPA of 6.8 on 10 scale in industrial engineering. I want to do an MS in industrial engineering, My scores are as follows: TOEFL 287/300, GRE - Verbal: 650, Analytical: 710, Quantitative: 760. I want to know if I stand a decent chance of getting admission at : Univ. of South California, Univ. of Florida, Arizona State. Please provide an answer from either your know how on this subject or from your knowledge of any previous precedents. Thank You.

Exploring Prospects, Location Unknown

Dear Exploring Prospects:

The iMahal College Finder is just the service for you. Based on your performance and personal needs, the iMahal College Finder identifies colleges for you. The College Finder uses historic GRE data to determine whether you are likely to be admitted in a particular college.

While we can produce the statistical chances for your admission to the three colleges you have listed, we encourage you to do it yourself. This way you can try the College Finder for other colleges as well. You may also wish to visit the iMahal College Rankings section to see how independent sources rate various colleges.

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