Dear Mentor:

What are the best law calleges in India?

I want to know about the top five Indian law colleges and their entrance examination/eligibility. Sir, I have surfed the net for many hours. But I didn't get the proper results. Somehow I found your website. So pls sir, help me in my career.

Attorney to Be, Jaipur, India

Dear Attorney to Be:

As a matter of practice and policy, iMahal does not rate or recommend colleges. We are a portal specializing in education and careers; that is, we offer advice and information on education and careers. iMahal does include links to independent resources that rank colleges. We refer you to the College Rankings for India in the iMahal Education Section.

Colleges in India do not use standardized exams or requirements. It is up to you to research prospective colleges individually to obtain such information. You can contact the colleges for the information or visit their websites.

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