Dear Mentor:

How do I study medicine in the US?

I am doing my MBBS (Bachelor's degree Medicine in India) and want to do my Master's (in a medical field) from the US or any other reputed college. So please guide me through the procedure to follow and where more to get the information about the entrance tests and all. Thanking you.

Wannabe Doc in US, India

Dear Wannabe Doc in US:

The system of medical education in the US is quite different from that in India. The US does not have a Bachelor's degree in medicine. The first degree in medicine is MD (Doctor of Medicine). Just to enter the MD program, one must have a Bachelor's degree in any discipline, while meeting specific course requirements in sciences and mathematics. Beyond MD, one must do residency for further education/specialization. For residency, one must pass the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). One can not practice medicine in the US without completing the residency and subsequently passing another licensing exam.

In the past, we have addressed the question of taking the USMLE and doing a residency in the US. Please visit: How do I do medical residency in the US?. You would essentially have to complete the three steps of the USMLE (US Medical License Exam). The first two steps can be completed in various parts of the world; the third step must be completed in the US. Upon successful completion of USMLE, if you can find a residency in the US, you can pursue your desired course of action.

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