Dear Mentor:

After a BS in commerce, what should my sister do?

I am writing this mail on behalf of my sister. She has just completed her graduation in commerce [business]. Unfortunately she is unable to decide what to do next for a better career. Could you please suggest her some career perspectives in this field?

Caring Sibling, India

Dear Caring Sibling:

We are not quite sure what you are asking. We suspect that you are asking about the kind of careers she can pursue after completing a bachelor's degree in commerce (business). The choice of careers is derived from the kind of knowledge she has acquired through her education. Thus, careers could be any of the fields in her program of education - marketing, finance, sales, operations, and so on. While she would join at an entry-level now, any of these fields can offer lucrative opportunities for a career depending on her motivation and performance.

She can also pursue further education: MBA, M.Com. or C.A. (Chartered Accountant, similar to CPA in the US) etc. After completing any of these, she would find jobs at a higher and more lucrative level.

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