Dear Mentor:

Where should I pursue business in Canada?

I'm an undergraduate student and I would like to pursue business in any of your outfits in Canada. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Something in Canada, Tema, Ghana

Dear Something in Canada:

We are not sure of what you are asking - pursuing graduate business education in Canada or doing business in Canada.

We not an "outfit" that offers education or business opportunities. iMahal is a portal that specializes in Education and Careers; that is, we offer information and advice about education and career to our users.

If it is college-level education you are interested in, iMahal offers a List of Canadian Business Colleges & Universities. For business opportunities, you may wish to contact the local Canadian High Commission or Canadian Consulate for business opportunities in Canada. They are also able to provide guidance and support on how to start a business in Canada.

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