Dear Mentor:

Where should I get my MBA?

I am 20 years. I will now come in the final year B.Com. I want to do an MBA. Whether from abroad or India, it doesn't matter to me. When should I apply and where? Do I want to do it from IIM?

MBA from Anywhere, Jaipur, India

Dear MBA from Anywhere:

For any type of education, the prestige and reputation of the academic institution do matter, and they matter a great deal more for the MBA. You have to balance your ambitions and interests with your academic and work performance. And, yes, you have to be more decisive about what you want to be when you grow up. This will help you narrow down the list of colleges that you should target for admission. Because, if it doesn't matter, you have thousands of colleges around the world at which to apply for an MBA. Something should matter, and that is, your own ambitions, interests and abilities.

IIM (Indian Institute of Management) is a world-renowned institution for management studies. It is extremely selective. Top MBA schools in the US are also very selective and expect the candidates to have 3-5 years of work experience, prior to entering the MBA program.

The admissions process for MBA programs in the US begins in early fall of the prior year - it would begin in September 2001 for the fall 2002 class. The admissions process and the associated dates vary by school in India, but in general, the process starts much later, around March-April for the class starting the same year.

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