Dear Mentor:

What requirements must I meet for post-grad courses?

If I opt for BITM after class 12, will I be able to do other post grad courses like MCA, MBA MCom etc.?

Inquiring Mind, Delhi, India

Dear Inquiring Mind:

First of all, a request to those who write to us: please spell out the abbreviations that you use in your questions to us. Abbreviations vary across regions within India, let alone across continents. Moreover, a typographical error in abbreviations - and by the way, we do find numerous typos in letter to us - can completely throw off the meaning of your question. In this instance, we haven't a clue as to what BITM stands for!

In any case, for MCA, MBA, or any other programs, one should first have met eligibility requirements. MCA requires Mathematics in the undergraduate program. MBA requires Mathematics until Grade 12. Any one with a bachelor's degree can opt for the Mcom or MA degree.

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