Dear Mentor:

Where are the best MBA schools outside the US?

I am a software engineer with 43 years of experience in the IT industry. I am looking for an MBA course outside US where I can get global experience. I want to know the best B-schools outside US.

Global Me, Location Unknown

Dear Global Me:

We suspect that there is a typo in your information, because the first computer was invented just about 43 years ago and you are liable to be nearing the retirement age. Nonetheless, we are assuming that you have extensive IT experience.

The US business schools are the leaders in the world, even when it comes to global experience. However, we recognize the value of pursuing business education elsewhere to get first hand experience with the people and culture. The leading business school, outside of the US, with unique global perspective and students from around the globe is INSEAD in France. Other such schools include: London Business School in the UK and IMD in Switzerland.

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