Dear Mentor:

After my MCA, will I be able to pursue a PhD?

I've done MCA [Master's of Computer Applications] from Kurukshetra University after doing my under graduation in computer science from same university. Presently I'm working in a Software Development firm in New Delhi, on Java and have experience of Weblogic, iplanet, tomcat. I would like to know whether I will be able to pursue my PhD in Canada or USA, as I have done my 18 years of education.

Wanna do PhD, NOIDA, India

Dear Wanna do PhD:

We are assuming that you are interested in a PhD in Computer Science. As regards the number of years of university education required, you have hit the target. However, a 3-year MCA program is quite unique to India. Such a program does not exist in the US or Canada. As a result, we are not quite sure if potential schools would consider it as being equivalent to an MS in Computer Science.

Our suggestion would be to contact prospective schools to determine whether you should apply for an MS or a PhD program. This communication with prospective schools can begin even now, so that you would be in a position to apply for admission into the right program in the Fall.

The admissions process typically starts in the September-October timeframe for the following year. Should you need financial aid, you must request such consideration in your application.

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