Dear Mentor:

After statistics, where can I get my MBA?

I am a B.S. Statistics graduate in the Philippines who would like to take MBA scholarship overseas in countries such as UK, USA or Australia. Please provide me information and related links about possible universities I can apply to.

MBA Bound, Philippines

Dear MBA Bound:

We at iMahal currently deal with education in the US, UK, India, and Canada. Thus we do not have information for Australia. You can find the List of Business Schools, with links to colleges sites, in our Education Section for the countries we cover.

Typically, MBA programs require 4-year university education for candidacy. Very little, if any, financial aid is available to international students for MBA programs. The cost of education is very high, particularly in top business schools. You must be able to demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself financially for the duration of the MBA program, through all avenues available to you, before an international student visa is issued to you.

To identify prospective colleges, you may wish to use the iMahal College Finder. The College Finder identifies the colleges that best meet your needs and performance.

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