Dear Mentor:

With a bad GPA can I get an MBA?

I want to go for MBA in a top institute. I have everything good except for my GPA at degree level. What do u suggest?

GPA Challenged, Location Unknown

Dear GPA Challenged:

We have answered a similar question in another column: How do I find a reputable MBA program? In your case however, finding reputable colleges is not the key issue, your performance - that is GPA - is the key challenge. Past academic performance, determined by your GPA, is a primary element of the selection criteria for business schools. For good schools, if your GPA does not meet a certain threshold - which varies from school to school - you are essentially out of luck. On the other hand, if you meet this threshold, you are basically a potential candidate with no guarantees, because the selection criteria include many other factors, such as: GMAT scores, letters or recommendation, your track record of superior performance in progressively challenging positions, and so on. Given your not-so-good GPA performance according to you, you may just have to lower your expectation for admission in good schools, or give up on the idea of getting an MBA. We recognize that it is harsh advice, but it is an honest advice from our standpoint.

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