Dear Mentor:

What colleges in India have engineering correspondence courses?

Please tell me if there are any engineering colleges in India that have degree correspondence courses, so that I can sit at home and study - something like the IGNOU university, but they do not have any engineering courses. Thanks and Regards.

Home-Made Engineer, Goa, India

Dear Home-Made Engineer:

Our primary focus for iMahal is the university education. We do not have any information on correspondence courses. We recognize that some schools do offer reasonably acceptable degrees through correspondence. But, we can not imagine a school offering an engineering degree via correspondence. And if there are any, we are not sure if their engineering degrees would be worth anything. Engineering is a discipline that requires hands-on training and practice, using expensive equipment and facilities. An Engineering degree via correspondence is liable to be a disreputable money-making scheme; essentially not worth the piece of the paper it is written on.

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