Dear Mentor:

What financial aid is available for graduate engineering?

I am completing my last year diploma in Electrical Engineering in Pune. I want to get my further education in the US. I want to know about the loans or financial aid. Please kindly give me the information about that.

Diploma to Degree, Pune, India

Dear Diploma to Degree:

We are not sure about what further education you wish to pursue. Given your background, we are assuming that your further education pursuit would be in an engineering field. You are not eligible for a Master's program in engineering, just as you would not be in India. To enter a Master's program in engineering in the US, one must have completed at least 4 years of university education. You are however eligible for a Bachelor's program, but eligibility is not a sufficient requirement for admission. Your past performance must warrant the admission. Your prospective school is the only source of financial aid for an international student. Virtually no financial aid is available to international students at the Bachelor's degree level.

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