Dear Mentor:

How can I start an MBA this year?

I am from Jordan. I have done my graduate and post-graduate from India in Business Administration & Commerce. I would like to continue my studies in the USA as an MBA student, or a research student if possible. So, I would like to know more about my condition and how I can join the course this year. Thanking you. Waiting for your reply.

Late or Early, Jordan

Dear Late or Early:

You can continue your studies as an MBA or research student in the US, but doing so in the current year is highly improbable. Business schools in the US are currently reaching the end of their admissions process - making final decisions on who to accept. Some second- and third-tier business schools may still accept your application but, for top-tier schools, you have missed the cycle for the current year. Moreover, completing an application for an MBA is not a trivial process. It takes time and effort. So even if you were to start today, it would take you a few weeks before you can even submit your application. You will need to take a standardized entrance exam (GMAT), obtain 2-4 letters of recommendations, write essays, obtain official transcripts, and of course fill out the application form.

Our advice would be to start planning now to apply for admission next year. It is highly advisable that you prepare extensively for the GMAT, before taking the test. The admissions process for next year begins in the September-October timeframe. To identify colleges, you can use the List of Business Schools in the US here at iMahal. Having taken the GMAT, you can use the iMahal College Finder to identify prospective colleges that best match your needs and performance.

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