Dear Mentor:

Where should I study organizational behaviour?

I am a 22 years old graduate in English (Honours) from Lady Shriram College, Delhi and a PGDM in Human Resources from Amity Business School, NOIDA. I've had a good academic record, being a topper and 86%+ in the 10th and 12th grade. I have had a good record in co-curricular activities as well declared the BEST ALL ROUND STUDENT in school and at Amity. I am interested in studying Organizational Behaviour in the US. Can you tell me what and where I can study? I have to appear for GRE? I'll be grateful for your help.

Org. Designer, Delhi, India

Dear Org. Designer:

Colleges in the US typically require 4 years of university education in order to get admitted to a Master's degree program. A Master's degree in Organizational Behaviour comes in two flavours: M.S. (Master of Science) and M.A. (Master of Arts). You can obtain this degree through Humanities, Science, or Business Schools. Our suggestion would be to seek this degree through a Business School because of their more rigorous focus on business. Typically, the GRE is required. Financial aid is handled by your prospective school.

You may find Lists of Colleges in the US for various disciplines on iMahal. You will have to visit websites of various colleges and do some research to identify colleges that match your interests. You can also use the iMahal College Finder to match your needs and interests with prospective colleges.

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