Dear Mentor:

Can my son find computer work in the USA?

I would like to get some help from you. My son has completed graduation and he is doing MIT, C++, Java and Oracle/VB. Can he be adjusted in U.S.A.? It is the only worry left for me before my retirement.

Loving Dad, Delhi, India

Dear Loving Dad:

The US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has a quota for highly skilled foreign workers to enter the US each year on a temporary visa, called the H1 visa. These temporary workers entering the US are highly skilled, and the competition to get such a visa is fierce. Just to give you an idea, last year's quota for the entire year was exhausted by April. Moreover, companies prefer to recruit foreigners who are already studying in the US as international students, since their skills are more likely to match the company needs. If your son has a truly exceptional track record of performance and experience, it might be worth sending applications to some companies here, but be prepared for swift rejections.

Another alternative for your son is to come to the US for further education as an international student. The basic requirement for admission into a Master's program is a 4-year Bachelor's degree. So, if you son has done a 3-year Bachelor's in Art, Commerce, or Science, then he would require a Master's degree from India to become eligible for admission in the US. One must keep in mind that the cost of education in the US is extremely high. It ranges from US$ 15,000 to US$ 45,000 annually, depending on the quality and location on the institution. Although fiercely competitive, financial aid is easier to obtain for studies in Engineering and Computer Science than in other disciplines. Financial aid is obtained through your prospective college, so one should indicate one's need during the application process.

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