Dear Mentor:

Where can I study multimedia in Florida?

I am studying in my last year of college (B.A. in Economics). At present, I have completed FLASH, PHOTSHOP, FIREWORKS, 3DMAXSTUDIO, etc., related to computer multimedia and animation. It would be very kind of you if you let me know whether there are any chances of this courses there in the USA, and if so, then which universities of Florida have this course in their colleges. Again I would be highly obliged if you reply me soon. Hoping for a positive response.

Florida on My Mind, Ahmedabad, India

Dear Florida on My Mind:

We are not quite clear what it is that you are asking. We would encourage people to write to us with questions that make your situation and desires very clear. In any case, we will make an attempt.

We are assuming that you are in the process of completing your BA in Economics and you have done certain multimedia courses. Further we are assuming that you wish to pursue a degree that would enhance your knowledge and education in the computers area. As such, you are seeking information on a Master's degree program in Computer Science from a university in Florida.

To do a Master's degree in the US, one is required to have completed a 4-year Bachelor's degree program. Thus, the requirement for students from India is a 4-year Bachelor's degree in programs such as engineering, or a Master's degree for those who have done a 3-year Bachelor's in Art, Commerce, or Science. For a Master's in Computer Science, you prior education can be in any discipline, and not necessarily in a computer-related discipline. Typically, you are also required to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), a standardized entrance exam.

iMahal offer a comprehensive List of Computer Science Colleges in the US, both alphabetically and by state. You can select Florida to find colleges in that state, if that is what you want.

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