Dear Mentor:

Which MBA schools accept graduates of 12+3 programs?

I have graduated in the 12+3 system in India. I want to get into an M.B.A programme in the U.S. but they ask for 12+4 graduation. I hear that some colleges give admission the basis of 12+3 and the student is required to obtain some credits to be eligible (the college itself provides these short courses). If you can provide me with the names of such institutions that would be a great help.

One More Year, India

Dear One More Year:

You are quite right - a student from India must have completed a 4-year Bachelor's degree program, subsequent to Grade 12 in high school. Accordingly, only such degree programs as Engineering and MBBS qualify. Alternatively, for students with 3-year Bachelor's degree (arts, commerce, and science), most good MBA schools require that a student from India have completed a Master's degree program. Most good MBA schools in the US also require a 3-5 years of work experience. Some second-tier or third-tier MBA schools in the US do allow a student to complete one additional year, prior to starting the regular MBA program. In many instances, this additional year of studies makes one eligible for admission, but one is not granted admission. There is virtually no financial assistance available to international students. This proposition is too expensive and/or too risky for us to recommend it to any international student from India. Our advice would be to do a Master's degree from India and then apply for an MBA in the US.

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