Dear Mentor:

How should my sister prepare for medical school?

I am a Green Card Holder and I am working currently in a software company in Phoenix. I have a younger sister in Class XI in India and I plan to call her here so that she can do her XII from America. She will also be a green card holder when she arrives here. She wants to pursue her studies in Medical. As I have done my education from BITS, Pilani, India. I do not have much knowledge of how to go about applying to universities here and the requirements for the same. I found your website really very nice and I was wondering if I could get the way to contact Indian Association of Students. Could you tell me what my sister needs to do after she finishes her class XII from Phoenix? Does she need to select the courses in her class XII itself? What is full course of action to get a Medical degree? I would be really grateful to you if you guide me through this.

Caring Sibling, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Dear Caring Sibling:

First of all, we would like to thank you for your kind words about iMahal. We hope you tell your friends and family about iMahal as well. These kind of recommendations and endorsements would make iMahal viable for the long-term.

We offer the list of Indian Student Associations in the USA and their respective website links on iMahal. Through their sites, you can contact the person and/or association that you wish to reach. In our view, you do not really need to put in this effort, but instead you would have to put in an effort to do some research on your own. We can help you get started.

Your sister does not necessarily have to make any particular selections in Grade 12 itself, but knowing the endgame may help her make the right decisions. The primary requirement for admission into a Medical school is a Bachelor's degree in any discipline. However, one must meet some basic academic requirements in certain subject areas, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. For example, you can look at the requirements for the Yale Medical Program. iMahal offers a List of Medical Schools in the US. You can research some of these schools to see the typical requirements.

Consequently, your sister must complete her Bachelor's degree in any discipline from an accredited college in the US, and ensure that she meets the specific subject area requirements. In Grade 12, she can choose electives that accelerate her knowledge in these specific subject areas. Also, her high school counselor would be well equipped to guide her to make the right choices through Grade 12.

Of course, your sister would have to take the typically required entrance exam, MCAT, plus submit letters of recommendations, etc. That will come later. Since admission to Medical programs is fiercely competitive, she should focus on doing extremely well in Grade 12 and the Bachelor's degree program, while meeting the academic qualifications for Medical school admission. Also, going to a top-tier Bachelor's degree program would enhance her chances of success.

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